Electrochemical CO₂ conversion

CO + HO Chemicals

Electrochemical CO₂ conversion is a promising strategies that not only reduces atmospheric CO₂ levels, but also contributes to the carbon economy by producing value-added chemicals. Our group has focused on developing overall technology for CO₂ conversion.

Catalyst Development

We have interested in various electrochemical production of chemicals from upgrading of CO, CO and NOx. To selectively produce target products, development of efficient catalysts is highly required. Our group have focused on developing various nanostructured metal catalysts and carbon based catalysts.

System and Devices

Electrochemical reaction is highly depending on the extrinsic condition. Development of electrolyzer, system component, and operating condition significantly improve the reaction performance. Especially, we have tried to develop new CO conversion system having techno-economics.

Mechanism Study

In-situ/Operando spectroscopy analysis

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